Hope Is Just a Waking Dream…


//Yewknee Summer Mix Series Submission//

I was doodling at work the other day and came up with this trippy little sketch that ultimately was the motivating factor for putting this mix together. There’s a point where realistic hopes for the future sort of slide out of reality and into the realm of daydream—that space where it becomes hard to separate what’s feasible and what’s just imagination. This mix celebrates that realm in between optimism and illusion. It’s a little fuzzy, it’s a little dreamy, the kind of music that just sort of slips in and out of your consciousness on a lazy day…


//daydream//beach fossils//

//when the sun don’t shine//best coast//

//the high road//broken bells//

//where i’m going//cut copy//


//rest of our lives//dum dum girls//

//into your dream//foreign born//

//sleepwalkers//the hundred in the hands//

//bad dream//lake//

//cubism dream//local natives//

//sleeping in//the morning benders//

//tonight, tonight (cover)//passion pit//


//no time, no hope//times new viking//

//phenomenons//twin sister//


Click on the artwork for the mix—enjoy!

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